The splurge of language constructive or destructive essay

After returning to the United States at the age of thirteen, she lived in Los Angeles. Jessica is well traveled, and has brought with her a very diverse, culture-rich background to Iowa since the time she was eighteen. Jessica decided to develop her career in voiceover work, breaking into the industry in Over the years, she has matured into a professional voiceover actor that has voiced for household names such as McDonalds, Wells Fargo, Johnson and Johnson, in conjunction with many other national and local brands.

The splurge of language constructive or destructive essay

The future we pursue Related Terms Many English language words describe intent, direction, desire, or outcome. They vary in the degree of commitment, time-frame, scope, difficulty, and realism they express.

The phrase goal commitment refers to the importance, level of effort, and motivation directed toward reaching your goals. Our goals establish a direction and our motivation moves us along in that direction.

Benefits Goals set direction for our actions in both the short term and longer term. Together they establish an important plan for living our lives. The Roles of Goals, the Goals of Roles Goals provide us short-term focus and longer-term perspective.

We have needs that must be met for us to survive and thrive. We have values that express what we hold as important. We have beliefs that we hold to be true.

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We have aspirations, hopes, wishes, ambitions, dreams, and desires that may go beyond our needs. We have limited time, attention, ability, and energy. We are motivated to take action to achieve our goals.

In choosing one goal, we are often abandoning several others. For example, choosing a particular career is often a choice to abandon or at least significantly delay goals for an alternative career. Delay in making a clear choice is often a choice to defer a specific goal.

The splurge of language constructive or destructive essay

Choose goals carefully and establish a healthy balance across all the roles you fill. We choose goals to get the most out of our life, however we may choose to define it.

Most of us fill many different roles throughout the course of our lives. We have particular goals for each of these roles.

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Revise your goals as the saliency of each role changes. It helps to keep each of these roles, and the goals for each, in a healthy balance.

The splurge of language constructive or destructive essay

Increase the congruence of your actions with your goals, beliefsand values. Pay attention to how you spend your time. Do the activities you spend the most time on advance your most important goals?

Do your goals reflect your values? Do your values reflect your authentic self? Is your life in balance? Reappraise your values, beliefs, goals, and actions to improve the congruence. Appraisals Without a goal at stake there is no potential for stress or emotion.

Any particular event may advance your goals, thwart your goals, or be irrelevant to them. A single event may advance some goals while thwarting others. The impact on our goals determines the extent of the stressthe coping strategy, and the type and strength of emotions that are elicited.

We appraise events based on their impact on our goals. If an event advances our goals we are joyous and often proud. If an event thwarts our goals we become angrysadjealousor envious.

If the goal is important the impact on us of the progress or setback is great and the resulting emotions are intense. Obstacles to meeting our goals cause stress and require us to cope.

Impulse We order dessert despite our goal of losing weight.


We go out with friends despite our goal to finish our homework and study for tomorrow's test.Gender, Language, and Discourse: A Review Essay n Signs published a review essay, "Perspectives on Language and Communication," by three of the pioneers of feminist language study in the United States: Cheris Kramer (later Kramarae), Barrie Thorne, and new directions in the study of gender, language, and discourse.

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