Pro napoleon trial opening

Although both pro- and anti- French feelings existed, Switzerland attempted to remain neutral during the French revolutionary wars. Earlier the subjects in the Vaud and elsewhere had started to revolt against their urban lords, which thus revealed the impossibility of uniting the whole country against an often welcomed invader.

Pro napoleon trial opening

Others see your teacher: They will be responsible for conducting the trial and making sure all participants are following proper legal procedure.

These two members must complete, before the trial, a minimum two-page summary of their respective duties in a trial. A summary can be done by each person, but it is recommended that the summary is completed jointly; this summary should follow the suggested order of trial listed below.

You can talk to the teacher for references about these duties.

The Genesis of Napoleonic Propaganda

Pro napoleon trial opening summary must be typed or neatly written; it will be distributed to the rest of the class before the trial to help facilitate the smooth operation of the activity.

Each legal team must complete an introductory speech which outlines: They will also write a closing statement which: Lawyers should write this conclusion before the trial by anticipating what will happen, but they should also leave room on the conclusion to add details which may emerge during the trial.

Finally, the lawyers will write up at least 6 questions for each of their own witnesses which highlight their witnesses' title and position, experience regarding Napoleon, and their opinion about Napoleon.

They will need to share their questions with each witness, and reach a consensus on the best questions. The lawyers will also need to create two or three questions for their cross-examination of hostile witnesses.

These questions should put the witness on the defensive and reinforce the arguments of the cross-examining lawyers. The summary should include their character's upbringing, position, general political beliefs and opinions toward Napoleon. Those witnesses who are not specific historical characters may have to create much of their character, as long as it is within reasonable limits and nothing inaccurate about Napoleon is said.

These non- specific characters are important for what they represent about Napoleon, not who they are in particular sorry! The witness must also create 6 to 10 likely questions they would face from their lawyers.

An appropriate answer for each question will be required. These will be shared with their lawyers. Ask your teacher for appropriate kinds of questions. The entry of the Judge. The entry of the prisoner.

Pro napoleon trial opening

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The French Revolution was an unusually large and violent earthquake, as was the Russian. Compare it to England, where the aristocracy more gradually lost power in . Pro Se Power Tip TM #9: Pre-Trial and Discovery A COMMON TACTIC by attorneys is to remove or transfer the case from your local state court to federal court if it involves a civil rights, Constitutional, federal issues of law or claim for $75, or more is made.

Get it free with day trial Seventh Company as a lowly lieutenant in the opening stages of war between the Empire and the Kingdom of the Rivan. by a king, the red-coated British officer heads for battle against the French Republic, to restore the fallen monarchy.

Napoleon Bonaparte joins the French military on the eve of the.

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