Performance appraisal case study india

Potentials of the employee for the future performance must also be assessed. By contrast, superiors could resort to using formalized appraisal techniques when assessing the performance of subordinate, and these judgments arc considered to be more objective. Both refer to a process where by mangers and their subordinates share understanding about what has to be accomplished, and the manager will naturally be concerned about how best bring about those accomplishments by adept management and development of people in short and long terms. Also, performance would be measured using the techniques discussed in this article and it will be subsequently related to targets or plans.

Performance appraisal case study india

Request Free Trial Case Study: This case study discusses the challenges that the organization faced and how Empxtrack helped them in overcoming these challenges. Challenges The time-consuming and ineffective annual performance appraisal was causing dissatisfaction amongst employees and managers.

Productivity gaps occurred due to unclear work expectations and irregular feedback provided to employees.

Solution: A system to match business needs now and in the future

Managing spreadsheets and numerous emails related to appraisal process became overwhelming for all the stakeholders. Tracking employee goal achievementsprioritizing important tasks, access to past appraisal data, and absence of constructive ongoing feedback were some challenges which made their appraisal process disorganized and inconsistent.

The company needed a well-structured performance review process to continue being a fast-growing on-demand technology solution provider. Solution Saksoft began its search for a reliable appraisal software.

Performance appraisal case study india

They came across few products which were designed to meet needs of much smaller or larger organizations. After looking at several HR products, the company decided to go with cloud-based Empxtrack Goal Setting and Appraisal software.

Performance appraisal case study india

Just after few discussions with Empxtrack team and product demonstration, Saksoft knew that Empxtrack was best suited for their needs. Everything took place smoothly and quickly, starting from the product implementation to data upload.

Benefits After implementing Empxtrack, the company found itself saving quite a few hours on managing goal setting and appraisal process.


Empxtrack could successfully automate the performance appraisal for the organization that made it easier for all stakeholders to actively participate in the process and make it more meaningful. Now Saksoft has a well-structured employee goal setting process where goals are mutually agreed by managers and employees, and managers can track employee progress at any time.

As an added benefit, Empxtrack offers configurable features to add and review goals throughout the year and get quick status of goal sheets.

Providing constructive feedback to employees has become an ongoing process in the organization. Managing multiple appraisal plans for different group of employees has become easier. While reducing the administrative burden for HR, Empxtrack has made it possible to collect feedback from multiple sources in just few clicks.

The appraisal process is now more accurate, transparent and meaningful. Empxtrack has made it possible for us.

Availability of reports and analytics to follow up on the appraisal process is the best feature. It provides accuracy to appraisal decisions. Managers are in happier space as they can easily identify top performers in their team.

We are glad to choose Empxtrack and looking forward to continue our association.This is the first empirical study in order to evaluate the perception of employees about performance appraisal system in the Garment sector of Pakistan and this study provides significant result.

Beazley performance management case study. Beazley also wanted the online performance appraisal to integrate with other talent and developmental initiatives as well as a new Human Resources Information System.

Solution: A system to match business needs now and in the future. LS Software Pvt Ltd provides Performance management System software in Bangalore,regardbouddhiste.commance management software in bangalore,India.

Improving performance appraisal practices: a multiple case study of the Pakistan pharmaceutical industry iii Dedication T his thesis is dedicated to the courage of my mother and my late father Abdul. 1 Performance appraisal and career opportunities: A case study Abstract Purpose – This study explores perceptions of performance appraisal and career opportunities among leaders and employees in an large international oil company.

The purpose is to provide robust empirical. Performance appraisal is the assessment of an individual’s performance in an organization in a systematic way, the performance being measured against such factors as job knowledge, quality and quantity of output, initiative, leadership abilities, supervision, dependability, co-operation, judgment, versatility etc.

assessment should not be confined to the past performance alone.

Performance Appraisal - Meaning, Objectives and Advantages