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Operations Management, 11th Edition covers a wide array of introductory business-related subjects presented in a practical and realistic manner. College students interested in studying operations management often rely on this edition as a core textbook. The text provides a comprehensive introduction to the critical areas of operations management through balanced and flexible coverage relating to the primary functions of business and industry across a variety of sectors. The authors use a direct and engaging approach that includes guides and case studies that students can use to illustrate important concepts and models.

Operation management tb

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This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. Spinal TB is a very dangerous type of skeletal TB as it can be associated with neurologic deficit due to compression of adjacent neural structures and significant spinal deformity. Therefore, early diagnosis and management of spinal TB has special importance in preventing these serious complications.

In order to extract current trends in diagnosis and medical or Operation management tb treatment of spinal TB we performed a narrative review with analysis of all the articles available for us which were published between and Althoug h the development of more accurate imaging modalities such as magnetic resonance imaging and advanced surgical techniques have made the early diagnosis and management of spinal TB much easier, these are still very challenging topics.

In this review we aim to discuss the diagnosis and management of spinal TB based on studies with acceptable design, clearly explained results and justifiable conclusions. Spinal tuberculosis, Diagnosis, Therapeutics, Drug therapy Introduction Although the first documented spinal tuberculosis TB cases date back to 5,year-old Egyptian mummies, the first modern case of spinal TB was described in by Percival Pott [ 1 ].

Although the thoracolumbar junction seems to be the most common site of the spinal column involvement in spinal TB, any part of the spine can be affected [ 5 ]. Recently, the development of multidrug resistant TB, frequency of infection in immunodeficient individuals, more accurate imaging modalities, and advances in spinal reconstruction techniques have all changed the management of Pott's disease [ 2 ].

Operation management tb

Advanced imaging techniques such as magnetic resonance imaging MRI make the early diagnosis of spinal TB easier and a considerable number of patients with spinal TB are diagnosed earlier and treated more effectively before significant neurological deficits develop.

However, patients can still present late with considerable spine deformity [ 1 ]. Since the advanced imaging modalities and different treatment protocols are developed during these years and drug resistance mandates applying innovative strategies to treat this serious disease, new reviews are always required to assess modern diagnostic modalities and treatment options.


The objective of this review is to discuss the diagnosis and management of spinal TB according to the recent studies published in the literature. Materials and Methods In order to extract current trends in diagnosis and medical or surgical treatment of spinal TB we performed a narrative review with analysis of all the articles available to us published between the years and The reports about different aspects of spinal TB, with acceptable design, clearly explained results and justified conclusions according to the data were included in this review.

Since, one of the aims of this review was to discuss the historical aspects of TB management we included articles regardless of their time of publication. Pathophysiology There are two distinct types of spinal TB, the classic form or spondylodiscitis, and an increasingly common atypical form which is spondylitis without disc involvement [ 6 ].

In adults, the involvement of the intervertebral disc is secondary to spread from adjacent infected vertebra whereas in children it can be primarily due to the vascularized nature of the intervertebral disc.

The basic lesion in Pott's disease is a combination of osteomyelitis and arthritis, usually affecting more than one vertebra.

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The anterior aspect of the vertebral body adjacent to the subchondral plate is commonly involved [ 7 ]. Spinal TB can include any of the following: Diagnosis Differentiating spinal TB from pyogenic and fungal vertebral osteomyelitis as well as primary and metastatic spinal tumors may be difficult when only clinical and radiographic findings are considered [ 8 ].

A history of tuberculosis, a positive skin test its value declines in endemic areasand an elevated erythrocyte sedimentation rate ESR may be useful in the diagnosis of spinal TB [ 89 ].

Biopsy plays a valuable role in the diagnosis of spinal TB infection. The use of DNA amplification techniques polymerase chain reaction or PCR may facilitate rapid and accurate diagnosis of the disease [ 10 ]. Culturing the organisms is slow and may be inaccurate. Nevertheless, it is still a precious diagnostic method in order to recognize the causative germs.

In a small number of cases with imaging and clinical findings suggestive of spinal infection, no organism can be cultured despite multiple attempts. Mycobacterial infection as well as fungal involvement should be considered in these cases.Mar 26,  · Pulmonary tuberculosis (TB) is the history of thoracic surgery.

History tells that the first thoracic surgical procedure, an open drainage of a TB pleural empyema was performed by Hippocrates.

Operation management tb

Chapter 7 – Tuberculosis Infection Control. Infectiousness. The infectiousness of a TB patient is directly related to the number of droplet nuclei carrying. WHO Library Cataloguing-in-Publication Data Tuberculosis care with TB-HIV co-management: Integrated Management of Adolescent and Adult Illness (IMAI).

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Spinal Tuberculosis: Diagnosis and Management