Night of scorpion essay

The father even poured paraffin on the toe and lit a match to stop the poison from entering and the poet helplessly watched the flame. She suffers a lot because of the pain but still she is happy that the scorpion did not bite her children. The poet goes back to the night when his mother is bitten by a scorpion. They prayed to God countless times to immobilize the evil creature.

Night of scorpion essay

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. The poem is loaded with techniques and devices which project one of the best imageries in the Cluster 1 of the Different Cultures poems, some analysis of which will be developed upon in this essay.

Firstly, the title of a poem plays a very significant role as the first thing our eyes lock with when reading a poem is the title. In my opinion, this creates sympathy for the Scorpio yet it also builds towards fear as he can surprisingly and unexpectedly attack anyone who reaches for the sack of rice.

It could symbolise the skin drying out to an extent where it faces cracks. It also generates the concept of the world that the writer is talking about. Furthermore, the structure of the poems is also an innovative device that can provide various meanings and types of images.

Night of scorpion essay

The poem Blessing consists of four stanzas where the first one has two lines, the second one has four lines, the third one has eleven lines and the last one has six lines. At first the water is very insufficient that can be represented by the first stanza.

Then the flow of water builds up second stanzathen we can link the third stanza to a pipe burst where the water bursts and the last stanza can connote the water running out again.

"Night of the Scorpion" is a poem by Nissim Ezekiel | Essay Example

This could symbolise the effect of the poison from the Scorpio. The first long stanza could represent the time in which the mother was affected by the poison of the Scorpio. The last stanza could represent the time when the poison wore off. In conclusion, the imagery presented in the two poems in quite unique which helps us to understand some significant stories that originate from another culture which differs from our own.

More essays like this:The ‘Night of the Scorpion’ captures a scene in a rural Indian village where being bitten by a scorpion was a common fear. The narrator is a young child witnessing a horrific event in his life- his own mother writhing in agony of a scorpion’s sting.

'Night of the Scorpion' and 'Vultures', both have an abrupt change of scene, somewhere in the middle. For example, in `The Night of the Scorpion` you start off . A Response to Night of the Scorpion and Sacrifice Both Nissim Ezekien and Taufiq Rafat are writing the poem from the point of view of a older person living in the western world looking back at the culture that hey were brought up in and the differences in ways of life and beliefs.

Night of scorpion essay

Night of the scorpion written by Nissim Ezkiel is an interesting poem and the poet brings about a very appealing contrast between good and evil in it; altogether giving the poem an essence of equality.

The poet makes it a trouble-free task for the readers to visualize the scenes with the appropriate use of various imageries. Night of the Scorpion is a free verse poem with 8 stanzas and a total of 47 lines. There is no set rhyme scheme and the metre (meter in USA) is mixed, which reflects the unusual subject matter and unfamiliar nature of the incident.

In this essay, I will touch on how Nissim Ezekiel successfully uses language to create impressions and contrasts.

In addition, I will show you how he effectively conveyed the vivid event of how his mother was stung by a scorpion.

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