Minister of labor and social affairs of germany

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Minister of labor and social affairs of germany

Following the First and Second State Law Examinations in and respectively, he began practising as an attorney in Bonn in Inhe earned a doctoral degree in law from University of Hagen. He was a founding member of the Junge Liberale Young Liberalswhich became the party's official youth organisation inand was its chairman from to In a newspaper interview, he singled out the FDP's rejection of an amnesty for tax offenders and its diminished enthusiasm for nuclear power as fruits of the youth wing's labors.

In the national electionshe was re-elected to parliament. As his parliamentary group's home affairs spokesman, he was instrumental in swinging the FDP behind a government bill to make German citizenship available to children born in Germany of non-German parents.

Gerhardt, however, remained chairman of the FDP's parliamentary group. This strategy, transferred to the federal level, was dubbed Project 18, referring both to the envisioned percentage and the German age of majority. Leading up to the elections, he positioned his party equidistantly from the major parties and refused to commit his party to a coalition with either the Christian Democrats or the Social Democrats.

He was also named the FDP's candidate for the office of chancellor. Despite this setback, he was reelected as party chairman in Westerwelle became a vocal critic of the new government.

Inaccording to an internal agreement, Westerwelle succeeded Wolfgang Gerhardt as chairman of the parliamentary group. Hoyer had previously held the same office in the Cabinet Kohl V.

In a much-discussed move, Westerwelle travelled to Polandthe Netherlands and Belgium before visiting France. After weeks of negotiations, the Iranians reached out to discuss the release of the pair, the reporter Marcus Hellwig and the photographer Jens Koch.

The two reporters had been arrested while interviewing the son of Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiania woman sentenced to death for adultery. Earlier, he had initially been cautious before making any pronouncements about Tunisia and Egyptbut in the case of Libya, he quickly called out Gaddafi as a dictator, and argued in favour of EU-level sanctions against the regime in Tripoli.

In Februaryhe harshly criticized Egypt for trying 44 people, including German citizens, over the alleged illegal funding of aid groups. Shortly after, Israel renewed its cooperation with the Human Rights Council after a year and a half of boycott. I won't budge one millimeter from my commitment to human rights and democracy in Belarus after these comments.

He supported the policy of "change through trade" with Russia, but was widely criticized for not having a clear foreign policy doctrine. He called for more inclusion of Russia in the international community, but criticized Moscow, for example, for supporting President Assad's government in Syria.

Westerwelle said the report "shamed" the institution. In an interview in FebruaryWesterwelle described labor unions as a "plague on our country" and said union officials were "the pall bearers of the welfare state and of the prosperity in our country".

On sexual equality[ edit ] Westerwelle was a staunch campaigner for sexual equality. In the German daily BildWesterwelle claimed that "[if] registered partnerships have the same responsibilities as married couples then they should have the same rights.

It is not weakening marriage but ending discrimination. We do not live in the s.

Minister of labor and social affairs of germany

Critics inside and outside the FDP accused him of focusing on public relationsas opposed to developing and promoting sound public policyespecially in the election campaign of He earned the epithet "Westerwave" a literal translation of his surname into English as a consequence of these remarks.

In Westerwelle announced he would not be taking his civil partner Michael Mronz to anti-gay countries. Westerwelle retorted that it was normal for foreign ministers to take industry representatives on their trips, calling himself a victim of "a left-wing zeitgeist that considers making business questionable".The Federal Ministry for Labour and Social Affairs [1] is a ministry of the Federal Republic of Germany (see also Bundesregierung).First location is in Berlin, second in to , the ministry was part of the Federal Ministry for Economics and Labour [2] and part of the Federal Ministry of Health (Germany).Responsibilities were re-allocated once again when a new government was.

Minister of labor and social affairs of germany

የህፃናት ጉልበት ብዝበዛን የመከላከልና የመቆጣጠር ስራ የባለድርሻ አካላትን ቅንጅትና. Ministries of Labor or Employment Frauen, Gesundheit, Jugend und Soziales (Senator for Labor, Women, Health, Youth and Social Affairs) Government of Germany, Bundesministerium für Arbeit und Sociales Düsseldorf, Ministerium für Arbeit, Gesundheit und Soziales (Ministry of Labor, Health and Social Affairs) Government of Rhineland.

Minister Nahles on labor market figures for May Andrea Nahles, German Minister of Labour and Social Affairs, speaks at a press conference in Berlin, Germany, 02 June The number of unemployed in Germany fell by 81, in May to million. At the Ministry of Labour, Family, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities we are delighted that the conditions of adhering and improving child rights in Slovenia are getting better.

We will also continue to strive to ensure that our children receive the. The Federal Ministry of Work and Social Affairs (BMAS) is a ministry of the Federal Republic of Germany. It was part of the Federal Ministry of economy and work (German: Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Arbeit) between and

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