Maternity leave procedure

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Maternity leave procedure

When should you submit the required documents? After your surgery, or after your recuperation.

Some employers require a pre-admission document from your doctor. When should you take your Special Leave? It is for your recuperation or recovery.

Maternity leave procedure

When can you receive your leave pay? On the pay days that cover your leave dates. Your employer can also decide to pay your leave prior or after surgery. The employer, in its discretion, may allow said employee to receive her pay for the period covered by the approved leave before or during the surgery.

Expectedly, some employers will require submission of documents before paying the special leave, so submit your documents as soon as you can.

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How many times can you avail of this Special Leave Benefit per year? As many as needed, as long as these are covered gynecological surgeries, and as long as you have not yet exceeded 60 calendar days for that year. Can you file for your SSS sickness benefit for the same surgery? Special Leave Benefit will be paid by your employer.

Your Special Leave Benefit is different from your Mandated or Statutory leaves 5-day special incentive leave, parental leave for solo parents, leave for victims of violence against women and different from your company leaves Sick Leave and Vacation Leave In fact, if you need an extended leave for your recovery, you can use your sick leave or vacation leave, in addition to your Magna Carta Special Leave Benefit.

Special leave benefit vis-a-vis existing statutory leaves. The benefit is considered an addition to the leave benefits granted under existing laws and should be added on top of said statutory leave entitlements.

If the special leave benefit has already been exhausted, the company leave and other mandated leave benefits may be availed of by the woman employee.

If the sick leave credits have been exhausted, the vacation leave credits may be used. What if your gynecological surgery is performed during your maternity leave? Special leave benefit vis-a-vis maternity leave benefit. Can you decline your special leave and convert it to cash?

Unless your company CBA has a provision that covers this.Updated Mar 10, You can avail of the Magna Carta Special Leave Benefit if you have undergone a gynecological surgery covered under the Magna Carta of Women law and if you have worked for your current employer for at least 12 months, with at least 6 months of work within the past 12 months.

Right to Work in the UK Procedure; Induction Procedure; Sample Retention Policies. Maternity Leave Policy; you know your entitlements to payment during maternity leave. Maternity leave cover arrangements. We will try to ensure that maternity leave does not cause you any long term disadvantage in relation to your training needs and.

5 SH HR 47 Annual Leave Policy and Procedure Version 4 April Annual Leave Policy and Procedure 1. Introduction Southern Health NHS Foundation . Know your maternity care rights. Your rights may not be protected if you do not understand and exercise them. Learn more: The Rights of Childbearing Women.

Maternity leave procedure

Choose your maternity . May Shared parental leave allows mothers to end maternity leave/pay early so that one or both parents can take leave in a more flexible way during the baby’s first year. EMPLOYMENT RESOURCES Updated 24/4/ This information updates various sections in The Russell-Cooke Voluntary Sector Legal Handbook.

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Magna Carta Special Leave Benefit for Women Employees