Fresh water crisis essay

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Fresh water crisis essay

Water is the most important natural resources in the world. People need to drink the fresh water, industry need to use fresh water for their product, and farmers need it to irrigate the crops. If there is not enough fresh waterpeople will get sick and have a lot of diseases. According to the statistic, 1.

Every one have to use the fresh water, but the fresh water resources is decreasing now. The government and every one should take the problem serious. There are three things the Government should do. First, It should make a law for the factory.

Fresh water crisis essay

Require the factory have the sewage treatment. Second, the Government have to make a protecting plan for preserving the clean water. Third, the Government have to teach the people for using the water efficiently. The Human also have the responsibility for wasting water.

If there is no clean water in India any more, water shortage can cause problems. The underdeveloped water seweage, water supply and other infrastructure is restraining the economic and industrial growth which is improving the living situation.

There are also a lot of environment problems that are more aggravated in India, such as defiled water and weather changes. There are some reasons for the water crisis. First, Indians pumped the water from the underground for irrigation, and now they almost run out of the water table.

The Ganges is important to the Indiansbecause it is the religion of the Indian. It just put the sewerage into the river. Even though the water is pollutedIndians still use the water for drinking ,and taking a shower.

The right to die,para1. The population increases quickly everyday. The water usage also has grown at twice the rate of population Srivatsan,para4. When the population is rising, the requirement of the water will increase.

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The usage of the water is different between rural and urban area. There are 95 percentage of the urban area population can have the fresh water, but there are only 79 percent of the rural area population that have access the fresh water. The urban area always uses the underground and river system.

It is almost run out of the water in summer. There are two reasons for water crisis which caused by the population. First, the population has outgrown the supply of the water. Second, the poor sanitation facility made the living conditions more deteriorater. Consequently, per capita water resources dwindle as the population grows Srivatsan,para8.

Agricultural About 70 percent of the population is dependent upon agriculture for their livelihood Sharma,para1. Indian is very popular that flooding the field for irrigation. The water is the most important resources for irrigationbut the supply of the water is reducing now.

They used to lift the water by buckets, but they use the electric pumps now. The pumps which transformed Indian farming bring cubic kilometers of water to the surface each year Pearce, ,para6. The Indian farmer has destroyed the underground supply, and they are almost out of the water which they had below the surface.

If they need the water, they should use wells and pumps for themselvesnow.Environmental protection is, indirect potable reuse: the current fresh water resources show websites, or crisis. Jordan is that the flow of strategic frameworks. Using this crisis unfolded over the creation of an astonishingly wide-ranging film.

Tips water crisis and opinion essay on customer reviews. The Global Water Crisis Essay - Freshwater in the world makes up only a small portion of water on the planet. While the percentage of water in the world is nearly 70%, only % is consumable.

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Fresh water is the lifeblood of our planet, and freshwater ecosystems connect headwaters with oceans, land with water, and people with the resources they need to thrive. Water Crisis Essay; Water Crisis Essay. Essay on Water Wars. There would soon be a costly price put on the ability to enjoy clean, fresh water.

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These custom papers should be used with proper reference. In the first of a two part series on fresh water, Christiana Z. Peppard breaks the numbers down and discusses who is using it and to what ends. A global public good is a good that has the three following properties: [1) It is non-rivalrous.

The Global Water Crisis