Essay on creativity in art

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Essay on creativity in art

Creativity Explained You may have heard many a definition of creativity, taken a creativity test or have studied creativity research, but where does all of that leave us in trying to understand our own processes of creativity? Here, I would offer you a completely NEW, simple and manageable explanation on the origins of creativity and how we get to use this marvellous function of the human mind to have more fun and find creative solutions to our own problems.

A New Definition Of Creativity First of all, let's remember that although we use the word "creativity" all the time, it is not something you can put in the boot of your car or sell in a can - it is a nominalisation, and that means it was taken from a verb which describes an activity and frozen into this nebulous noun.

The verb at the bottom of the well is, "to create". In essence, this means "to make something", and that's our first stop on re-defining creativity. This is really important to understand because the word is so terribly misused all the time.

Essay on creativity in art

People will say, "Hey look, there's Bob. He's a creative genius! Right now, Bob is sitting on a park bench, eating a hamburger and thinking about his shopping. He is no more "creative" here than you or me at this time. However, later on, Bob might go into his studio or his office, his lab or his bedroom and there he might work on his latest "creation" - and only when he does THAT, is he actually "being creative".

So remember this one: This brings us to the next step, namely that to That's another place where people really lose it on this topic. That could be some thing that solves a Essay on creativity in art, has an effect on society or on reality in some way, or on yourself.

This "act of creation" is the reason why people get creativity confused with "innovation", "originality" or "inventions".

These things may or may not happen; they are an after the fact judgement on the product or process that came about as some person created some THING. So that gives us Creativity Rule No. In order to be creative, you do NOT have to "invent something new".

One may be a millisecond behind the other - does that mean one is creative and a genius, and the other isn't? You can re-invent the wheel as many times as you like and you can really be completely creative in doing so - if your society didn't know about wheels, what else would that be?!

A lot of people mistakenly think that when they explore their creativity, they WILL have to come up with something no-one, out of all the billions upon billions of people on this planet in all the hundreds of thousands of years of human history has EVER thought of.

Creativity is when a little kid works out for themselves how to get at a toy on a high shelf with a stick.

For a long time, we had the concept of the "unconscious mind" as the source of our creativity and our madness and insanity! I have researched this all my life and offer a different paradigm altogether on the topic. I call it the Energy Mind. We are talking all the nightmare scenarios that have frightened the pants off of humans since they started to live in insane and UNNATURAL environments that structurally cause pain, injury and damage to the energy system.

Nightmares, night terrors and "dark night of the soul" style judgement day visions hallucinationsimaginings, dreams, sensations are ALL simply feed back devices to alert us in consciousness that something has gone badly wrong with our energy systems.

Unfortunately, this has been totally misunderstood and mis-interpreted across the ages. The energy mind got a bad reputation for being the "repository" of all things unpleasant and frightening. There is another important aspect to this.

Essay on creativity in art

With most people who got stuck inside their conscious mind, disconnected from the power of the visions and experiences, understandings and sheer depth of that data stream from the energy mind, a huge wave of distress signals is usually the first time they EVER make contact with that flow of energy.

They think that you get there by pain - because that's how THEY got there in the first place. It's an easy mistake to make, and it's deadly mistake to make, indeed.

This is the "genius and madness go hand in hand" problem. And it is simple to solve. When you stream THAT kind of data instead, or at least stream all sorts of different data for different occasions rather than ONLY going for the dark night of the soul, each and every time! Managing your creativity is the challenge, but it is possible and actually a lot easier than you thought it was.

Fear creates a vortex of disturbance, and I really don't think there's any fear greater than the usual "fear of insanity" that befalls people the instance you mention that you want to "unleash their creativity".

People do have blockages to creativity and to allowing the flow on creative material to stream to them directly from the energy mind, and often these are very severe. They range from near phobic or really phobic!

Remember that the old idea of artists being possessed by creative demons and burning up in the fires of their own hells, and the merrier they burn and the louder they scream, the more ARTISTIC their creativity is!! Goethe was no raving lunatic, and neither were Shakespeare and Leonardo Davinci.

This is not at all difficult, either. I could ask you to remember "your best ever dream" and then produce a etc.Art & Creativity As A Transpersonal Process. Art is in essence TRANSPERSONAL in nature. That means that it is designed to be interacted with NOT just by one single person, but by many people.

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Essay on Creativity!

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Creativity is a constructive process which results in the production of essentially a new product. Creativity is seeing or expressing new relationships.

Creativity is not limited to the objects of everyday use, but it is an instrument for increasing knowledge. Essay about A Creative Classroom - A Creative Classroom Art education is an essential part of a child's development through life, and much of their learning for life takes place inside the classroom.

Essay on Creativity in Education Words | 38 Pages. Creativity in the curriculum A school with creativity at the heart of the learning process will benefit by increasing the motivation of staff and pupils, says former head, Dave Weston. Essay on creativity in art Help creative writing generator essay transportation advantages questions psychology science essay marathi?

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