El monte news 12/29/15 nightly business report

Burning Man, the annual festival in the desert for 68, globetrotting free spirits, aging hippies and multimillionaire tech executives, is rapidly approaching. Trucks, buses and trailers will soon start rolling up to the store to pick up bikes that will serve as the primary means for traversing the 5-square-mile temporary city in the Black Rock Desert, miles to the north.

El monte news 12/29/15 nightly business report

It seems we've made some spelling mistakes: Entirely Predictable Cft financial supervision worries, like most of us, about delays in saving measures connected with the civil servants. The budget estimates these guys will pay 36 million guilders in dividends, but for some reason Cft doubts this.

Yeah, one of those. So they fired all directors, but then canceled the firing of one—who "just happens" to be the president of Pueblo Soberano party you know, those fighting corruption. After more negotiations between Isla refinery and Venezuela PdVSA decisions will be taken on renewing and upgrading the refinery.

Both Aqualectra will switch to lighter grade fuel oils as well as BOO for which it was designed anyway; most breakdowns seem to be caused by the fact that burning "pitch"—as in asphalt lake —is cheaper. If and when; "it will take at least half a year.

Not everybody is impressed. For one, the new hospital that's sure to be a main item somehow doesn't show up on it. PAR also figures there's far too little time to discuss in parliament several rather complicated matters. The news that before this year ends the government promises to present a plan for continued exploitation of a much cleaner Isla with much less pollution may have to do with this.

We can only wait and see. After nobody in the Dutch Kingdom meetings wanted to have anything of his high-handed demands for Statuut changes and maybe the signature action helped not one more peep came out of him and he signed the final papers like a good little kid.

Must be one of the weirdest court claims ever, that; should go to Guinness! Monk does have to pay for Walroud's court costs. Monk did not go so far, though, as to say that in that case he would not be a member of FARC; so now we know for sure.

CDM must become a maritime center, it must become "green" paint over the rust will help and more locals must be trained to work there. Pity that Damen's Shipyards commented that nobody had talked with them and certainly not about these grandiose plans. Dutch parliament wants a cosy talk on all this next week.

Or did you smell out a coming change in the weather? Too bad, then it probably won't come—just when we needed one. No Cuban cigar, Monk; that's not even close. Melvin Cijntje, PS party committee member, rather weakly suggests Monk "must have been joking.

Mi ta skohe pa e relashon den Reino [Movement: It has since been scanned and started making the rounds by email. You can read it herein Dutch, with all the links intact.

el monte news 12/29/15 nightly business report

Too bad we'll probably never find out how many emails came in there. We knew it all the time, after all he joined poor substitute PS.

Later, he let it be known that he meant a quite different organization and in a press conference tomorrow he'll explain which one. No doubt he and his staff are maniacally delving through Colombian web sites and telephone books tonight to come up with a reasonable look-alike.

Unsurprisingly, this loser would join a criminal out-law terrorist gang financed by the coke-trade that's as good as defeated. Remember how FOL suddenly exploded and then imploded?

There's a parallel here with PS. Could be wishful thinking, I admit. Oh yes, quite possibly! Isla refinery was stinking up again. It's a New Record! Trouble seems to have begun when, after six weeks again?! There's also talk of an oil-spill but not to worry folks, nothing dangerous has leaked.

Trust Gijsbertha, Isla director.call us onkype at regardbouddhiste.comomorrow between and pm eastn time. or email us at [email protected] and t us know the best time that we caskype you.

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el monte news 12/29/15 nightly business report

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happy end movie review raymond y sus amigos 12 29 15 nightly business report, life in big city short essay. tv Nightly Business Report PBS November 7, amam EST am >> susie: the unemployment re tops 10% for t first time sinc as ,obs disappear from us payrolls in october.

we look at what the nuers say about theconomy. and wherit's headed. >> jf: these teens are on the job. but ny aren't. over auarter of teens are.

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