Congestive cardiac failure essay

Still, with so many people around the world suffering from the life altering affects of congestive heart failure, it is important that contemporary medical practice remains active in defining the Pathophysiology of the condition.

Congestive cardiac failure essay

The failure can occur in on either side of the heart. We will write a custom essay sample on Congestive Heart Failure or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not Waste HIRE WRITER In left-side heart failure, fluid backs up into the lungs, causing shortness of breath, due to the fact that the blood entering the left side of the heart comes from the pulmonary artery, and when the left ventricle cannot pump fluid out of the heart or when the left atrium cannot empty completely into the ventricle it backs up into the lungs.

In right-side heart failure, fluid can back up into the abdomen, legs, and feet, causing swelling. There are many ways to treat this condition.

ACE inhibitors may be prescribed. These drugs are vasodilators, and help to widen blood vessels to reduce the workload on the heart, decrease Congestive cardiac failure essay pressure and increase blood flow Mayo Clinic Staff, Many people with this disease are also prescribed diuretics, to increase fluid loss from the body and reduce fluid buildup and swelling.

However, patients often need mineral supplements in addition to taking these drugs. When drugs are not sufficient enough, surgery may also be required. A coronary bypass is a sort of transplant, where veins from an arm or leg are used to bypass a blocked coronary artery, allowing blood to flow freely through the heart.

Beta blockers are drugs that block Beta 1 and 2 receptors on the heart, which constrict blood vessels. By doing this and keeping blood vessels dilated, these drugs reduce blood pressure and heart rate.

However, Carvedilol is the only agent labeled by the FDA for use in patients with heart failure Chavey, The many symptoms of this condition can occur suddenly during activity or develop slowly over time.

This condition is best diagnosed after an examination for symptoms. A doctor could do several tests such as an electrocardiogram or an echocardiogram, as well as tests such as an MRI or blood tests to aid.

Some patients will be recommended for surgery such as an angioplasty, a pacemaker or even a complete heart transplant. While this condition is a chronic illness, the prognosis can be good if the symptoms are treated successfully. There are four main stages to this disease: Sometimes surgery to fix blockage of the coronary arteries or a congenital heart defect will be recommended.

This would be done in a hospital and recovery at a rehabilitation clinic or at home. A benefit of an assisted living facility would be having preplanned meals and activities.

A downside of an assisted living facility is the spread of infection. CHF patients routinely struggle with breathing issues so a respiratory infection could be life threatening.

Congestive Heart Failure Essay Words | 27 Pages. Congestive Heart Failure Armi Gonzales Western Governors University Congestive Heart Failure A. Investigated Disease Process Congestive Heart Failure is a condition in which the heart is unable to pump a sufficient amount of blood for the body to function. Nearly five million Americans are living with heart failure and , new cases are diagnosed each year. This paper will discuss what heart failure is, and what nursing interventions may be of help to patients who suffer from this disease. My grandmother was . Congestive heart failure (CHF) is a chronic progressive condition that affects the pumping power of your heart muscles. While often referred to simply as .

Another example of risk in an assisted living facility is endocarditis, an infection of the inner lining of the heart chambers. Contracting an infection like this can quickly kill someone already living with heart failure.

Congestive cardiac failure essay

It is important that a patient with CHF be monitored for signs of distress. All of these vitals will already have expected irregularities, which lead to initial diagnosis.

After care is started, the vitals should be monitored for additional changes. In the event of an emergency such as inability to breathe, a nursing assistant should call an ambulance right away and begin life-supporting measures such as CPR Carter, Legal and ethical issues associated with caring for someone with congestive heart failure vary widely.Congestive Heart Failure Congestive Heart Failure, also known as "cardiac decompensation, cardiac insufficiency, and cardiac incompetence," (Basic Nursing ) is an imbalance in pump function in which the heart is failing and unable to do its work pumping enough blood to meet the needs of the body's other organs.

Congestive Heart Failure Essay Words | 27 Pages.

Congestive cardiac failure essay

Congestive Heart Failure Armi Gonzales Western Governors University Congestive Heart Failure A. Investigated Disease Process Congestive Heart Failure is a condition in which the heart is unable to pump a sufficient amount of blood for the body to function.

Congestive heart failure (CHF) is a situation where the heart is not able to pump adequate blood to the other organs of the body. Causes of CHF are coronary artery disease, past myocardial infarction, hypertension, heart valve disease, cardiomyopathy, congenital heart defects, endocarditis and myocarditis (American heart association, ).

Pathophysiology of congestive heart failure is incredibly complex, making it difficult for modern health care practitioners to define its conditions and leading the need to further explore the process of congestive heart failure. Study Completed On Congestive Heart Failure Nursing Essay.

Congestive Heart Failure Essay Sample

Print Reference this. Disclaimer: Congestive heart failure due to left ventricular systolic dysfunction (LVSD) is an increasingly prevalent and progressive condition that leads to disability and death, placing a significant burden on patients, carers and health care providers.

Congestive Heart Failure Essay Sample. Diagnosis: The patient seems to be suffering from Dilated Congestive Cardiomyopathy (DCM), or in simple terms, congestive heart .

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