Conflictnegotiation scenario essay

An Example of Negotiation 1 The conflict A How to ensure to the teacher that I am fair and square to my colleague while dividing the task of training students for the Inter-school Quiz Competition. B How to eradicate the bad feeling of my colleague who thought that I had been unfair to her and complained that I had assigned to her a heavier task than she has expected.

Conflictnegotiation scenario essay

This mindset is especially true when the issue involves something that people take a position on or have a belief about. But if their beliefs are at stake, they often hold tenaciously to their position.

Under these circumstances, the conflict intensifies because one side wants something the other side opposes, or both sides want something that cannot be shared.

Both sides then become further entrenched in their positions, moving further apart by making more extreme statements in an effort to win support from others.

For example, the following debate is ongoing in healthcare: What is the correct number of staff caregivers need to provide quality nursing services? Who should decide Conflictnegotiation scenario essay mix and what criteria should be used to influence the decision? Nurses would probably argue this debate based on a belief that greater numbers of staff would make the difference in promoting safe quality patient care services, whereas administrators would possibly argue from a position based on their belief in limited financial resources.

Both sides would believe they were correct, and, oftentimes, both sides would gather information to defend their positions. Interest-based Bargaining People view situations differently depending on: Experiences Education Situational specifics Unlike positions or beliefs, interests are the reasons why people want something.

When we understand why another person wants what he or she wants, we can recognize ourselves in the others.

Managing Conflict Within Organizations through Negotiations

This recognition makes negotiating for a solution, or even a partial solution, much easier. Understanding why someone wants something motivates us to find creative ways to work together. Interest-based bargaining brings out the human meaning behind the conflict. Clarifying Values Values are at the core of most conflicts, which can be a problem because values can be hard to articulate.

Everyone at times struggles between contending values such as truthfulness, fair-mindedness, and autonomous self-directed behavior. Individual values and beliefs about conflict affect behavior. Many beliefs are deep-seated in a culture and period of time.

Generational and gender differences also exist about the behavior that is acceptable in conflict. Values also affect how direct one can be about concerns, feelings, hopes, and ideas.

By clarifying values, each party is given an opportunity to identify and appreciate the similarities with and differences from other parties. Usually the values that underlie personal or professional interests, although not easily detectable, emerge during open discussion and negotiation.

Framing the Problem To effectively begin negotiation, individuals in conflict must separate the problem from the person. They must also agree to temporarily suspend judgment on who is right and who is wrong. This allows people to set aside distractions and anger and to enter into direct dialogue and negotiation.

Setting these distractions aside requires awareness and participation on the part of everyone involved.

Conflictnegotiation scenario essay

Preparing to negotiate, also called framing the problem, sets the stage for constructive negotiation. Listed below are seven strategies for framing problems Try to not operate from a suspicious assumption.

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Avoid the blame game. Blame, even if deserved, will only make your opponent defensive, and worse, your opponent may attack you in response.

Be respectful of the other person. Take your time to explicitly discuss perceptions to gain a greater understanding. Such discussions may reveal shared perceptions and goals. By acknowledging shared perceptions, you will facilitate collaboration.Scenario Essay: Option 3 You are the contracting officer's representative (COR) of a program management support contract awarded to Easy Corp.

It is the first year of a five-year contract. Essay On Terms And Concepts Of Effective Negotiation A negotiation is known as any attempt to persuade or influence another party to do something.

Commonly it is a discussion between two parties or more, with the intention of reaching an agreement upon courses of action, resolving issues or disputes through compromise, or gaining advantages. The possible scenarios of resolution of the Nagorno Karabakh conflict Part I The Madrid Principles served as a basis for the negotiations dedicated to the Nagorno Karabakh conflict for the last three years.

Proposals included making some changes to the Principles in order to renew the peace process. You will write a word essay that describes your negotiation process as part of this team and adapts theories of cultural dimensions to this scenario.

Conflictnegotiation scenario essay

Give a brief background on the parties. scenario, and then answer the questions, below. Think about what you have learned and identify a conflict resolution technique that you would use in each situation. This document contains a series of tools and techniques that will help you analyze your conflict prior to the mediation.

Some of the sections simply call for identifying issues, while others involve a .

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