Concise writing activity for preschool

Writing in Kindergarten Wednesday, August 14, I can't believe there was ever a time that I did not enjoy teaching writing! It now is one of my favorite subjects to teach! It's just so gratifying! One of my favorite ways to incorporate writing into my lessons is to make class books.

Concise writing activity for preschool

These fine motor activities are intended to encourage your child's normal fine motor development. If you suspect your child has fine motor delays, please seek a professional opinion. Activities for the Whole Hand 1 Money Boxes Use a regular money box or a recycled container and encourage your child to hold 2 or 3 coins in the hand and push them through one at a time without dropping the others.

Upgrade to using more coins as your child gets better at this task. Putting coins in a side slot is more challenging! If your child uses a side slot, make sure the thumb is under the fingers to get the most out of the exercise as shown above.

NB be aware of the choking hazard with little kids! This is the same concept as the moneybox idea above, but using dried beans and an egg carton. In this example, we are reinforcing number concept by writing a number inside each hole, and the child has to add the correct number of beans.

Have your child hold a few beans in his hand, and place them into the container one by one by moving a single bean up to the fingertips each time.

It is harder than it sounds, especially for kids with poor fine motor skills!

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Get your child to squash, squeeze, roll and pound the playdough to get those hand muscles moving before using cutters and other playdough toys. Check out my playdough activities for more ideas!

Back to Top Tripod Finger Activities The thumb, index and middle fingers are the fingers used to control the pencil when writing. I call these the tripod fingers. These kindergarten hand exercises will help your child learn to use those fingers in the first step to developing good pencil control.

concise writing activity for preschool

The Tripod Fingers Show your child how to isolate the tripod fingers with a small slip of paper under the ring and little fingers read why this is important.

Then try some of the activities below. Make sure your child uses the tripod fingers in the holes, and give lots of practice cutting out on straight lines before moving on to shapes and pictures.

Read my scissor cutting pages for tips on helping your child cut with scissors, or check out my scissor cutting e-book! Use the tripod fingers to hold a crayon down flat and rub color all over a large area, like this circle which is about to be cut out.

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Although square and triangular crayons are great, they can be expensive, but regular crayons do the trick just as well. First, check which way the grain of the magazine paper runs — the strips may run better horizontally or vertically. Either you or your child can tear the strips from the page.

Once strips have been torn, then tear the strips into small squares across the grain. Use the tripod fingers to grasp the paper and tear. For best results, place the thumbs together on the top, and then pull one hand towards the body.

This pic has a preschooler tearing the paper and he is not using his tripod fingers yet, but the pic shows how the thumbs should be placed together for the best tearing You can use the paper squares to make a collage, which makes it a great preschool or kindergarten hand exercise for any theme!.

This shows your child where to place the fingers. Your child should grip the pins with the pads at the tops of the fingers, and not at the side of the index finger as can be seen in the picture alongside!

Use the clothes pins to pick up and transfer items, or have your child pick up and place a number of clothes pins, making sure the tripod fingers are used correctly. This child built a cage for his dinosaurs by placing clothes pins on an egg carton, then picked up "food" and transferred it to the cage.

For more information on this versatile fine motor activity that can improve pencil control, pop over here.

concise writing activity for preschool

Add a couple to your stock of bath toys to add a fine motor boost to bath time! Here are some more pages on my site that can help you work on your child's fine motor skills:Writing is a critical component of the kindergarten language arts curriculum, and is a skill that kindergarten students will use for the rest of their lives.

The aim of these kindergarten hand exercises and activities is to help develop your child's fine motor regardbouddhiste.comool and Kindergarten kids need lots of help to get ready for all the handwriting they are going to be doing in grade school. Lessons and Ideas Thousands of grab-and-go lesson plans, unit plans, discussion guides, extension activities, and other teaching ideas Grades. Content filed under the Pre Writing Worksheets category.

Thus, it is very important to lay. The aim of these kindergarten hand exercises and activities is to help develop your child's fine motor regardbouddhiste.comool and Kindergarten kids need lots of help to get ready for all the handwriting they are going to be doing in grade school.

10 Pre-Writing Activities for Preschoolers to help them build strength in their hands. Teaching Mama. playing, creating, and learning at home An easy fine motor activity is using tweezers or tongs to transfer objects.

Even toddlers can try this one out! Preschool, Writing Tagged With: fine motor skills, writing. Comments. Pen Mama says. Preschool newsletters are a fun and valuable way to pass on interesting and pertinent information regarding day-to-day activities, celebrations and events.

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In this early writing worksheet, your child gets practice tracing and writing lowercase letters x and z. Missing letters: at, -an, and -eg Missing letters: at, -an, and -eg Each of these rhyming word pairs is missing its first letter. In this early reading worksheet, your child gets practice.

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