Apple s distinctive competence

Operations management contemporary concepts and cases 5th e by Schroeder solutions manual and test bank Operations management contemporary concepts and cases 5th e by Schroeder solutions manual and test bank Chapter 2 Operations and Supply Chain Strategy Teaching Notes This chapter reflects the increasing importance of Operations and Supply Chain Strategy in today's business environment. Other materials by Porter, Skinner, Hayes and Wheelwright, and Hill, add definition to the concept of Operations and Supply Chain Strategy and fortify the argument for its relevance. The chapter is exciting to students who may think of operations as nitty gritty or low level material while the important strategic issues are left to marketing and finance. The chapter shows how operations can become a "competitive weapon" of the firm by strategic support of the firm's distinctive competence.

Apple s distinctive competence

Hamel in an article published in the Harvard Business Review in Core competencies are the skills and processes that are used to develop a company's core products and services -- those products and services that give the business a competitive advantage over other businesses and are important for the long-term growth of the company.

Importance Prahad and Hamel argue in their paper that the ability to identify and exploit core competencies is the key to a corporations' growth.

Core competencies create value and cause a customer to chose your company's products over another. These competencies are most likely to be in core areas of the company. For example, for a software company, a core competency could be producing high-quality code, or code that is simple to use.

For an electronics company, a core competency could be in designing high-quality electronic components. These can then be used in all of the companies' products to add value. Identifying Competencies Core competencies are generally not a single process but a combination of processes, technologies and skills.

Core competency arises from the integration of different parts of the business, such as design with technological innovation.

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For example, Apple's sleek design, coupled with innovative products, and Sony's ability to miniaturize electronics are core competencies for those companies. A core competency should assist the company in gaining access to a wide variety of markets; contribute to the benefits of the end-product; and be difficult to imitate.

Core Products Core competencies are used to develop core products. These products may not be sold directly to consumers but are used in products that are sold to consumers. For example, Microsoft's operating system may be considered a core product. It is used in personal computers and may be one reason why people chose to buy a particular computer.

Honda has a reputation for building high-quality gasoline motors; this is a core competency for the company. These are used in cars, lawnmowers and motorcycles.

People who like Honda motors will be more likely to choose these products. Flexibility A company's core competencies are not fixed. They change over time as a company adapts and changes to a changing business climate.

What is 'Core Competencies'

Core competencies should enable a company to create new products and services. For example, the Houston Advanced Research Center is a nonprofit organization that develops technology that supports sustainability.

Its core competencies of technological development, policy research and project management skills make it possible for the HARC to develop new technologies and gain the support of state government.An organization’s resources which are critical in imparting it with competitive advantage are called distinctive capabilities.

When the capabilities originate from an attribute which other firms do not have then they form an organization’s distinctive capabilities. Apple’s large financial resources also allow large outlays for its aggressive advertising and marketing, campaigns, which remains one of the key areas of focus for its growth strategy.

Managers and management scholars alike need operational models and concepts for dealing with core competencies within strategic management. This book provides tools for the practitioner as well as fundamental theoretical concepts to enable scholars to further build upon Drejer's regardbouddhiste.coms: 2.

Strategic Analysis: An Approach to Building Distinctive Competencies [A.J. Almaney] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The strategic analysis framework discussed in this text is designed for use in capstone strategy courses at both the graduate and undergraduate A.J.

Almaney. May 13,  · In this video we will do a very brief analysis of Amazon's core competences. In real life and in a written paper you would go into far greater detail and give argumentation and evidence.

Apple s distinctive competence

Apr 29,  · Amazon is an enabling platform, just like Apple's App Store. It enables writers and booksellers. It enables writers and booksellers.

Apple s distinctive competence

It enables people who want to sell to Amazon's .

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