An essay on the legalization of narcotics in the united states

How are Drugs classified in the United States? All drugs are classified in an organized and detailed fashion in the United States, through the passing of the Controlled Substances Act of This legislation represented the introduction of a major illegal substance control campaign. Each drug is classified under a certain schedule depending on the intended use of the substance and the dangers imposed.

An essay on the legalization of narcotics in the united states

Abigail Bock Legalization is a viable way to help boost the U. One of these changes is that two states, Colorado and Washington, have legalized marijuana for recreational use. So what does that mean, and what does that mean for the Conservative? Its law in Colorado, which passed Nov.

Adults may also grow up to six plants for private use.

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Many Conservatives may believe that this could hurt our country, that marijuana users will start smoking wherever they feel led. That is not the case. In both states, smoking marijuana in public is illegal, and driving while under the influence of marijuana comes with the same penalties as driving drunk.

Should we be concerned with the legalization of marijuana? As a Conservative, I see no reason to be concerned. In fact, positive results could come from the legalization of marijuana.

According to the BBC, illegal drug use is on the rise worldwide, and expanded efforts at controlling the global illegal drug market are failing. By allowing the legalization of marijuana, the funds used to fight marijuana can be used to focus on health care and substance abuse counseling for harder drug users.

That means that officials who fight harder drugs — such as heroine, cocaine and, worst of all, meth — would be given more funding to get these drugs off the street and to get users help.

How did this happen?

Practically speaking, these funds could be put into rehabilitation centers. The second positive outcome is the taxation of marijuana producers and marijuana users.

In Colorado and Washington, manufacturers and distributors have to be licensed by the state. Also, for every purchase of marijuana, a sales tax is charged.

According to The Denver Post, a 15 percent excise tax is charged on every marijuana sale, along with a 10 percent sales tax.

That equals 25 percent tax in total for the sale of marijuana, and for the state of Colorado, that will bring in a lot of revenue that the state can use.

An essay on the legalization of narcotics in the united states

The legalization of marijuana could help this country get rid of some of the debt we have accumulated. The third and final reason why marijuana legalization is a good idea is because, whether or not marijuana is legal, people are going to smoke it. With marijuana being illegal, users have to pour money into drug dealers.

These drug dealers are importing their marijuana or growing it secretly. No one can know what is in the marijuana they buy, and according to the Center for Substance Abuse Research, there have been cases where users have bought marijuana that were laced with chemicals.

If marijuana is legalized, the marijuana producers will be under the eye of the law, and what they grow will be solely marijuana plants.

An essay on the legalization of narcotics in the united states

Users buying marijuana from a legal producer will not fear it being laced with any such chemicals. Thus, it will be much safer if marijuana is legalized. Keeping marijuana illegal is redundant and reminds me of the prohibition of alcohol.

People still drank, but instead of the revenue being taxed and going into the government, it went into the hands of people like Al Capone.

Benefits from marijuana are temporary at best At the time of New World exploration, Spanish and English colonists brought over and grew cannabis as a source of dietary fiber.

Twelve good reasons why drugs should be legalized

Before the discovery of potential health benefits, many users said they smoked it as an escape to get away from life stresses and issues.In Harrison Act followed in the United States.

Thus, it is clear, that even taking into consideration the fact, that opium sale brought good profits, sooner or later, governments had to restrict and take under control illegal drugs, in order not to worsen the situation with addicted people. - Counter Narcotics One of the biggest problems in the United States today is the widespread use of narcotics.

Currently, the United States has a very stern policy regarding the use, distribution, and trafficking of drugs. In , California voters approved Proposition , the first legislation legalizing marijuana for medical purposes at the state level.

Since then, 22 other states, along with he District of. Included: abortion essay content. Preview text: During the past quarter century, abortion has joined race and war as one of the most debatable subject of controversy in the United States.

It discusses human interaction where ethics, emotions and law come together. Abortion poses a moral, social an. Marijuana Legalization in the United States Elisha Havraniak Ottawa University LAS Writing and Critical Thinking in the Liberal Arts October 11, Marijuana Legalization in the United States Marijuana has had a long history as an illicit drug, but is quickly becoming a mainstream issue.

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