A rainy night

Thatsoneperson Ever so slowly he's giving his heart to her, but on this rainy night; their bond strengthens a bit more during an intimate moment. M for sexual content] Rated:

A rainy night

Billboard Hotand remained for 28 weeks on top of the charts. His album, Horizon, was also No. Billboard Top Country Albumsin Honestly, I like it when it rains.

For me, the rain always brings hope and it washes away the sadness and pain of the past. The rain also reminds me of my childhood, when we used to play outside.

The narrator in the song seems to like the rain the way I liked it. The narrator mentioned that the rain is such a beautiful sight and it makes him feel that it washes the cares or worries away. A country classic that is catchy and guarantees that kids will love this song.

The lyrics of the song is simple and easy to understand.

Eddie Rabbitt's Inspiration

The narrator just plainly sings about his love of the rain and the peaceful feeling that it gives him. What about you, do you like it when it rains? Or are you like others who hate it? What does the rain mean to you? Well, I love a rainy night; it's such a beautiful sight.

I love to feel the rain on my face; taste the rain on my lips, in the moonlight shadows.

Song Adaptation

Showers wash all my cares away; I wake up to a sunny day, 'cause I love a rainy night. Yeah, I love a rainy night. Well, I love a rainy night. Well, I love a rainy night, ooh, ooh. He recorded the idea and abandoned it.

A rainy night

Then inRabbitt found the tape of his initial recording for the song and finished writing it with the help of David Malloy and Evan Stevens. It was also played on the TV show, Family Guy.A Rainy Night It's late, oh so very late and with their curfew coming close to arriving in just a half-hour, Todoroki couldn't help but feel sad, feel the dull ache of loneliness in his heart knowing that she'll be leaving his side soon and retreat to her room for the night.

A rainy night

"A Rainy Night" is the thirty-third episode of Robotech: The Macross Saga. Contents[show] Summary Claudia Grant consoles Lisa Hayes over her fears that Rick and Minmei may be trying to Air date: 17 April, eddie rabbitt great song feel good eddie rabbit rainy night love this song classic listening early listen remember upbeat commercial country heard artist beat driving lyrics mood Showing of 64 reviews/5(64).

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"I Love a Rainy Night" is a song co-written and recorded by American country music artist Eddie Rabbitt. It was released in November as the second single from his album Horizon. It reached number one on the Hot Country Singles, [1] Billboard Hot , and Adult Contemporary Singles [2] charts in Find answers for the crossword clue: ___ a rainy night.

We have 1 answer for this clue. “I Love A Rainy Night,” a song co-written and recorded by Eddie Rabbitt in “I Love A Rainy Night” is part of Rabbitt’s album Horizon. His song “I Love A Rainy Night” peaked at No. 1 on the U.S.

Billboard Hot , and remained for 28 weeks on top of the charts.

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