A pragmatic marriage analysis

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A pragmatic marriage analysis

They are conservative in opposing gay marriage and gay adoption, liberal in favoring embryonic stem cell research and a little of both on abortion.

Along with favoring no clear ideological approach to most social issues, the public expresses a desire for a middle ground on the most divisive social concern of the day: Indeed, public opinion has moved little on these issues in recent years and continues to be mixed and often inconsistent, reflecting a blend of pragmatism and principle.

This desire for a national policy prescription extends to other social issues as well. Despite growing antipathy toward Congress and low levels of trust in the federal government generally, majorities or pluralities also favor a national rather than state-by-state approach to policymaking on stem cell research, gay marriage and whether creationism should be taught in the schools along with evolution.

The poll also found no consensus among either supporters or opponents of gay marriage over how far to go to press their respective positions. Constitution to ban gay marriage.

The public is similarly divided on other hot-button issues. Abortion continues to split the country nearly down the middle.

But there is consensus in one key area: So do majorities of liberals, moderates and conservatives. Only one group expressed unwillingness to find a middle way. In contrast, two-thirds of those who want abortion to be generally available are ready to seek an accommodation.

An even larger consensus emerged on another issue.

A pragmatic marriage analysis

By more thanthe public says pharmacists who personally oppose birth control for religious reasons should still be required to sell birth control pills to women.

But while the public is overwhelmingly opposed to allowing pharmacists to refuse to sell birth control, there is less consensus on other issues having to do with pharmaceuticals and reproductive rights.

The pill contains high doses of hormones which, when taken shortly after unprotected intercourse, can prevent ovulation or the implantation of a fertilized egg. Abortion Opinions Stable Public opinion about the legality of abortion is largely unchanged from previous polling.

A pragmatic marriage analysis

Just as abortion opinions are largely stable, so too are differences of opinion on the issue across demographic, political and religious groups. As polls have often shown, there is no gender gap in opinion about the availability of abortion. White evangelicals and black Protestants stand out for their high levels of opposition to abortion.

Among seculars and those who rarely attend church, on the other hand, majorities say that abortion should be generally available. There are few differences across demographic, political and religious groups on this question, and pro-choice respondents differ little from pro-life respondents in their lack of doubt.

Opinions about the morality of abortion are closely linked to abortion policy preferences, with those who view abortion as morally wrong expressing greater support for regulating or banning abortions compared with those who do not see abortion as a moral issue.

But public awareness of the issue has not increased over the past year despite the protracted battle between President Bush and Congress over increased funding for stem cell research that culminated July 19 in the first veto of the Bush administration.Abstract. This is an analysis of how the six love styles pertain to sexual styles, personality, and relational satisfaction.

The research explains a positive relationship between relational and sexual satisfaction with certain love styles and that love styles can change over time, since love is learned.

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But in Washington, D.C., Democrats and Republicans have very different ideas about taxes, government, entitlements, abortion rights, gay marriage, gun ownership, immigration and — at least. An Arranged Marriage. She wanted to avoid that, especially tonight, because if there was anything she believed about marriage it was that arguing the way her parents did was a waste of time.

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